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Jan. 10th, 2009


I'm going back to work! yay!

My vacation time has come to pause.
I'll call it a pause cuz I think I have spring break off
and that's like psssh... in a month. :)

Dec. 5th, 2008

ya dont say

bah humbug

Ceej is sick. Still.

I've been nursing a stomach ailment since last Sunday.

I'm sooo tired of it.


Nov. 28th, 2008

da battery labz


Has been pushed over to :


Nov. 23rd, 2008

da battery labz

FA la la

Thanksgiving day is later this week!
And all I can think about is :
What song *Hello Club should cover next!

FYI:  It has to beat Jenny Lady.

On a sweeter note, I just got off the phone with Jenny, (non french version)
and she says we'll be jumping on the ROCKBAND band wagon by Tuesday...
Are we late or what?

*Hello Club is the name of a very private late-night band. If you're interested, I'll link you.

Nov. 17th, 2008

da battery labz


Jeeze,  where have I been?????

PAINTING!!!!   duh.

This one is by Malcolm A.

...and meeting new people, through other people.  
She's cute as a button and we're gonna bake!
:D  Now doesn't that make you shake like a toothache !

I have a million and one things racing thru my brain!
There's sooo much to do before and after CHristmas!!


"I would like to salute
the ashes of American flags
And all the fallen leaves
filling up shopping bags"

Sep. 22nd, 2008


tis the season!

CAndy corn in production

Bringing polymer clays back into the mix!

ANd this is the lovely pilaf JOse made yesterday.
It was rice-tastic! believe you, me.


Sweet as a honey biscuit

I'm ecstatic!
JOse e-mailed me from (his) school (yes, he checks the etsy from the lab.. how cute.)  to tell me that someone purchased my Babushka sculpture!!!!! YAY! 

I've had 2 other versions that I intended to list but I chickened out cuz this one had been up for so long.

I soooo need to get busy. but I must take a quick nap to recuperate my brainz!

I'll siesta till Jose gets home and then

Sep. 18th, 2008

da battery labz

oh, and

the 20 oz bag of Fiberfil  was on sale at Joann's for 1.99!!!!!!!!!

They were all out. sheeesh.

ya dont say

I am pumped like IRON!!!!!!!!!

Let's get serious.


I pinky promise to get some of my items up on etsy!!!

My day job is great but I find myself
Really wanting a juice box on the drive home.

Sep. 16th, 2008

da battery labz

Corny Candy plush buddies!!

Inspired by the lovlies at work, I got back on the Machine and stiched
Will post them up tomorrow!

We go through fiber-fil like MAD.

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