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What's in my belly?

Bub's momma made horchata yesterday:            WOAH.. delicious!

I've been hinting at her to make it for a good year now.
BadaBing BadaBang
she produced a yummy tall glass of creamy, white, rice milk!
She very Awesomely stashed a big cup of the stuff in the back of the fridge.
Sadly, half-way through my drink I noticed that she also stashed the big lump of
rice grounds that settles at the bottom of the pitcher.

But then it hits me:  Make more horchata with the grounds!
Gahddamn I'm a genius!  Done and done, I made more horchata, adding 2 cups of water a couple shakes of cinnamon, a nice little pour of vanilla and 2 big tablespoons of sugar.

In my daily half-assed efforts to find food in this house:
I came up with this; something I like to call

X hits the spot

Ingredients: mashed beans from the stove top, stinky cheese
from the fridge, fresh salsa in the container right under the stinky cheese.

Serve in a clean bowl with the last of the tortilla chips in the bag. 
Don't be shy either! Throw in the broken up bits of chip too! They can easily be scooped up
with a spoon (think bean cereal..yum)

So that was my breakfast/lunch.